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Tired of this pain!
Feb 21, 2010
This is my first post on this forum. Hi to all! To begin with I'm having pain in my back that is causing all my normal activities to cease. To go back, I had a laminectomy in 1997 that went well for 5 yrs. Then I started having alot of burning in my feet. My orthapaedic doctor decided to go back in and clean up the area around the disc at L5-S1 in hopes it would clear up my pain. Did not work. After alot of pain meds and seeing two other doctors in two years, and having mri's, cat scans, mylegrams, discograms they all agreed that I had to have a level one fusion at L5-S1. A nuerosurgeon performed the operation but had to go back in 7 days later because of one of the screws was in a nerve root. It took 14 mos. to really feel good again. That was in 2004. After the long recovery I did start feeling alot better. I am a very active person and hate to be down.Fast forward to 2009. I started having this pain in the middle of my back. Never had pain there before. Feels like a fist is in my back most of the time. Went to doctor. He ordered a mri. It showed that I had a ruptured disc above the fusion that I had in 2004. The doctor said that when you have a fusion that the disc above has more pressure on it that sooner or later it will give you problems. Well that time has arrived for me.He ordered me to have epidural shots. I've had two that have done nothing for me.
My problem is sitting. I have extreme pain in back and my legs are so weak that I can't walk very much without sitting down or laying down. I do still work on my job but I'm normally on my feet and with some pain meds. I make it through the day. My doctor said if the epidurals don't help I would need another fusion. The fusion I had in 2004, he said is ok. No problem with that.I'm posting this wondering if anyone else has had a single level fusion and then few years later had another fusion. How many fusions can one have? If I have this done, when will the one above that fail? I'm 56 yrs. old and don't want to be in pain the rest of my life. Very concerned whether this will disable me for life.I want to get off pain meds but it is so hard when you feel so terrible.

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