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Feb 24, 2010
I have a feeling someone here may be able to answer this for me.

Ive been experiancing pain & some burning on the top of my foot, primarly the left. The toes can get like a cramping pain. Last night after sitting on bleachers to watch my daughters high school basket ball game my foot kept me up a good part of the night. This has been progressing & Im wondering if there are certain discs that can cause pain in this area?
I have herniations in a couple locations but not sure which would be effecting the top of the feet. Ive had some burning in the outer thigh & calf also. Used to be more or less just the big toe but I can feel it in other toes now. Cramping like pain can be in either foot & Im not sure if thats normal or if its all related. I have cervical problems & lumbar.
Anyone experiance this type & location of pain?
I very much appreciate your time. Sammy

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