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I'm a 29yr old male with Grade one Spondy. I have alot of the symptoms one would expect, although they are not major in any way. Have known about it since 14 after a football injury(Grade0-1). Went through PT and Orthodics, and never had persistent back pain until 2 years ago.

-Deep soreness / discomfort in the back when waking up in the morning
-Quads feel overly sore sometimes (stairs)
-Hamstrings super tight
-Occasional (once every 3 weeks or so) knifing pain in groin on left side
-Need orthodics cuz rolling of feet
-Will easily throw back-out with heavy exercise
-Feel disproportionately weak in the legs compared to chest / upper body
-Will throw back out from extended periods of walking (while traveling) or heavy lifting, or having someone on my shoulders.
-Discomfort when sitting in the same position for extended periods of time
-Extended running is painful

The MRI shows my S1 is just getting mangled however...

While these aren't the worst of symptoms I have read on here, I am wondering if anyone was / is in the same boat as me and went with the TLIF in this scenario. I am wondering if the recovery time greatly out-weighs my discomforts here.

I want to be able to do heavy lifting (gym, dead-lift / squats which I can do now, but any improper technique puts me on my ass for a week), be more athletic, and be able to have a more active quality of life.

Do you think I will be still restricted in what I can do post-op if I go this route (and therefore should just avoid it) , or does anyone here have any success in being far more physical in their life post TLIF op?


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