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I can SO relate to you. I have a wonderful PCP and she has referred me to 3 pain specialists by my request. I have been to a total of 6 or 7 doctors for pain management and chiroparatic. All of those doctors have looked at the same set of x-rays and low and behold, it was staring my current doctor right in the face and mine for that matter.

Firstly, I would venture to get a different PCP. Have an appt with him/her and if you don't care for that person, TRY ANOTHER.

Second, I would definately have copies of your x-rays, MRI's etc in my hot little hands. I would probably call the doctors that you have already seen and ask for copies of the notes from the appointments. You/insurance has paid for these appts and x-rays, MRI's that it is your RIGHT to have copies of these things. They are part of YOUR record and you have the right to it.

Third, get a referral to a Pain specialist or similar doctor. If you are not getting relief from your pain like you want, ask for another referral. I did and am so thankful.

Just remember, you need to be your own advocate for your issues. don't accept being blown off by any doctors. You have the right to competent treatment.

Stay strong and don't give up! :wave:

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