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Hi I'm no medical expert at all, just a sufferer! Out of interest, since your post, have the symptoms gone or changed?
From my experience with sciatica, the overriding pain tends to be the shooting burning pain through your leg & up to your buttocks - however many people experience numbness & tingling also in the affected areas, which can include all the way down to your foot. So it could very well be sciatica.
Depending on whether your symptoms worsen, or stay the same; one thing I would bear in mind is that most, if not all, Doctors do not have the expertise to say "it's sciatica" and send you on your way. Sciatica is a symptom of something else that only a scan, or specialist such a Physiotherapist or Osteopath can detect.
For some people, sciatica is "one of those things" that returns with a vengeance unexpectedly but they just put up with it... I strongly believe this shouldn't be the case. I had recurring symptoms, was prescribed painkillers and told it will just go by itself. Turned out I DID have sciatica but that was caused by a back injury that had gone undetected by the doctor who was so quick to get me out of his surgery.
This is thinking way ahead, but I think everyone should be aware that if you get recurring symptoms like that, you should see a specialist of some sort.

For sciatic pain - pain killers only ease the pain by a fraction, so best off taking an anti-inflammatory to relax the area, and rest it for a day but try to get active soon after. Perhaps go for an MRI scan if it worsens. I was diagnosed an treated by an Osteopath who was quite frankly a life-saver.

I hope your symptoms have stayed away.

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