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I started to have a burning in my lower back the sacrum area in October of last year months after I lost my job in Feb 2009. I have been sitting a lot and also decided to paint my ceilings myself on none other than a step ladder. I did ok at the time never experience any pain or anythng but I did a lot of bending backward.

No issues until October I would get this burning pain in my lower back when I was in bed on my stomach. it's nuts. I did not have it after I got up or I turned over it would graduately go away. I went to the ER they did a CT and found nothing but a small cyst on my lt. ovary. Which I get them all the time, so nothing new. If something was wrong the CT did not see it. Oh I was put on Bactrim DS for a bladder infection that was a 2 on the scale so it was not even a full blown infection. Only 3 days of antibiotics were given, but enough to tear my gut up.

I developed severe gastro issues for 2 months heartburn, and ulcer like symptoms. Had to take prilosec and antiacids. It went away and now in Feb I started having this crazy back pain it hurts very little when I am sitting or in a upright position. Now it is involvng both my hips. I am okay laying on my back but as soon as I turn to my stomach the pain starts its hard describe it feel like someone is cutting something inside me and my hips feel like they are trying to pull out of there sockets and my ovaries feel like they are pulling out of me to. I don't what to do I had a CT in October and nothing showed and they cost so much money and I am not working which means no insurance. I am just wondering if is because I am not working and not moving like I did before. I only work 3 days a week, but long hours and on my feet moving when I had my job of 5 years. I am in my 40's so maybe it Arthritis I have it in my neck and knees it makes creping sounds. This is different. Also, possible have bulging disk. If it were cancer the CT should have picked it up because I was in pain in October. Well, I am really worried how can I not be.


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