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Early April of last year I had a spinal nerve block for my severe low back pain, 2 days later I had these symptoms:

Back was better
Feeling of incomplete bowel movements
a feeling of tugging or streching in my lower left abdomen(colon)

I have been to the gastro 3 times my regular doc 2 times and my colon rectal doc a few times:

They say IBS but it didn't start till I had the block and it has gotten a little wirse. I ALWAYS feel the tugging feeling and when I have gas it is worse. It goes it day I feel a complete bm maybe 2 days in a row, then a day or 2 I feel an incomplete feeling. I don't have the tugging feeling when I sit or lie down as much.

I thought the incomplete bms were from my internal hemroids so I had a hemroidectomy in July of last year but I am still having the other sympotoms.

Could a nerve that is connncetd to the bowel been involved. I mention this to the docs but they don't really comment. I am frustrated and tired...I can never plan anything because I never know how I will feel.

Thanks for any input

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