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About a week ago (monday) I woke up to my left arm feeling strange, and the whole day I felt twitch like I had poor circulation. When I tried to sleep my arms would go numb. That night I couldn't sleep and went to the Hospital despite the fact that I don't have heath insurance. They checked me out for heart problems and found none. The wrote it off as a "stress reaction" even though I have no cause for stress prior to this. So I felt better after and then later on Friday my lower back started hurting and now it's monday night and it's getting hard to bear. There are no comfortable positions. It gives me arm pains and headaches, and I have never in my life had headaches before. I would occasionally pop my back, but other than that I can't think of anything I did to cause this. I'm Only twenty years old, and in good physical shape. I CAN'T go to a doctor. What should I do?

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