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[QUOTE=tomsocal2000;4225725]Well, it means that the disc herniation is causing contact with the spinal cord esp whatever the left l-6 nerve is. This is usual the cause of pain such as leg sciatica but I am not sure what nerve it is. The word mild is good because there are words above this much worse such as mildly severe or severe itself.

This is not automatic terrible news as if you can get the disc buldge to push back in, there will no longer have contact. But, it does tell you that that leg pain is not your imagination (assuming that is the issue). Words like severe is when I have always had surgery discussed next.[/QUOTE]

Hi Tom Thanks for replying.

These are my symptoms. I have severe neck and back pain on the left side and along the left side of my spine especially when I sit for awhile or are on my feet alot. I get a lump in my neck under my ear when it starts. I have been trying to rub the lump out but it comes right back with the pain. Also I have some numbness in my left hands middle finger usually and numbness in the left side of my face usually after sitting.

I have been to a pain specialist and got some shots. Recent one was a shot into the facet joint.

I just got a copy of the MRI and was reading it and didn't realize before that it said the cord had contact. One doctor actually said my back was in good shape but was inflamed so I needed some rest. Why wouldn't the cord contact really stand out to them as being the problem? It would seem with my symptoms that the contact would be causing the problem. Am I not seeing something?

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