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I was diagnosed with a bulging c5-c6 disc and pinched nerve a couple of months ago. The pain has been bad, and hasn't responded to traction or a selective nerve root block. I've also had headaches.
I have had numbness in my 4th and 5th fingers on left hand, and my neuro keeps saying my symptoms don't "match" the MRI. Don' t know what to say to that???
In the past few days I have developed burning pain in back of neck below where the disc is and weakness in my legs. I feel like my feet are going to fall through the floor.
The doc I saw ruled out Guillon-Barre and electrolyte imbalance. No one seems to know what is wrong.
I get the feeling these doctors think I'm full of it. They say that if this were freom the neck, I would have weak arms too.
Does anyone know what this could be, or what it sounds like?
Many thanks in advance!
thank you so very much - I will keep your advice in mind.
I did have an EMG a couple of weeks ago to look at these fingers, and it was normal.
My leg symptoms, along with burning in the neck, are hanging on. What really bothers me is that when I try to walk, my legs will become "rigid" and yet weak feeling at the same time, and I feel as though my body is being pushed downward, even though I'm still standing. I know that sounds odd - it's the only way I can describe it.
I was asking about the MS because I've always thought it was mainly associated with weakness/instability, but not pain, but I'm no expert? I guess I'm wondering why the dr is leaning more toward that when I have so much neck pain.
Thank you!
Hi Marcia,
Yes, I actually had MRIs of my brain, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar areas this week. The brain, thoracic, and lumber were all normal - no bulging discs or other abnormalities.

the cervical only showed the bulging c5-6 disc, and narrowing of the cspine in that area. The leg symptoms only showed up about 12 days ago, and I have not seen the NS since then (won't go back to her anyway). I saw a walk-in clinic dr, er dr, and my primary - all did some kinds of neuro tests, didn't find anything really off. I can't walk on my heels, though, and I do this kind of "Frankenstein walk" - getting very stiff, can't bend legs while walking. This has been accompanied by burning pain in back of neck, and tingling/numbness in hands and feet. My primary is trying to hook me up with a neurologist who can offer some kind of opinion.
Thanks for your info - it sounds like you have been through some hellish things. I have only been experiencing these problems for 4 months, am so new to all this scary stuff...
Hi Julie I have the same sort of feeling in my legs (hard to describe) with C-5 C-6 problems so it is similar! Here is what I wrote on another post. Let me know if this seems similar to you.

Here is my MRI:
C-5 C-6 level demonstrates posterior left paracentral disc herniation effacing the ventral CSF space with cord contact, flattening and encroaching on the exiting left C-6 nerve root. There is mild right foraminal narrowing secondary to uncinate process hypertrophy.

C6-C-7 level deomonstrates a posterior left paracentral disc protrusion/subligamentous disc herniation partially effacing the ventral CSF space without cord contact. The neural foramina are patent.

My symptoms:

Pain in the left side of my neck and the left part of my spine with burning at my left shoulder blade especially if I'm sitting, walking or on my feet working for long periods. When it get's really bad the pain locks up my neck. I also get numbness on the left side of my face and left fingers and tingling on the top part of my left hand that has been getting worse since the last injection which was in the facet joints. My neck gets into knots constantly and at night I wake up from the pain. I try to push them out with my thumb but they come right back. I also just got a clicking in the left part of my jaw that I think has something to do with the knots. When I breath sometimes I get tingling that goes from my chest down into my hands. Lately at times I've been feeling spacey when the pain get's bad.

Another post about my leg pain:

As I was reading about what you said about dropping things and leg pain it may connect to other things. I have dropped things on occasion and my left hand does feel differently then my right besides from the tingling and numbness. Another thing I noticed is that I often have leg pain that goes down into both legs. Also feels like a guide wire at the bottom of my spine putting pressure to keep my legs straight out. (Hard to describe exactly.) I also have burning on the outer part of my thighs and top part of my feet. When I go to sleep it is very uncomfortable in my legs and feet sometimes. The other day when I was walking it felt weird like I was walking straight up and higher on my heels or something. (Again hard to describe exactly.) I actually was thinking this had something to do with my lower back and figured I had to address that later after I get through my neck stuff. Could this be connected to my neck pain?

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