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make certain they do those scans with a contrasting agent as well. it just gives much clearer pics than without using it? i am not too certain about the MS thing. what i am wondering was exactly what nerve was supposedly 'pinched" and by what exactly? do you actually have your own copy of that original MRI report? if not, get one(this would be your 'baseline' MRI) and also to make CERTAIN to obtain copies of the scans they will be doing on you now too. it really does help to just always have your very own copies of any and all testing results for your own files you keep on yourself.

what i am wondering here is what you have going on with that ulnar nerve? that is what innervates the sensory part of the two fingers(or at least the whole pinkie and one side of that ring finger) you are having issues with? it is also the c 8 nerve up in the c spine? it is either being compromised at that c spine level or it could also be impacted at any point from there and on down that arm to the wrist/fingers too? one good test to have when you DO have sensory affectation that is more constant would be whats called an EMG/NCV test? this would simply show nerve flow velocity within that nerve and how responsive it is? it can also pinpoint the area of true impact as well. sometimes that ulnar can actually be impinged within the elbow too, a very common place actually. just another type of test to better define the true impact area.

but DO obtain all copies of those new results so you can also post the summaries here? its much easier to simply look at the summary from the interpretting rad as written word for word to really try and help someone than from what you were merely 'told' by your doc? the way the rad actually defines certain findings really does help. hopefully they can show with this new set what is actually going on. but i do hope they will be using a contrast with this, esp when looking into someones brain with MRI? that REALLY does help better highlight all arterial vessels within the brain soo much better than without it. just a much more thorough type scan. please let us know what you find out. marcia
just how are your actual leg reflexes? like when they hit ther area right directly under the knee caps with the little hammer? do they bounce out kind of normally or do they appear to be more quick or 'brisk", more than 'just" a minimal bounce out? knowing the answer to THAT one question would help alot. i am thinking your doc has probably had a bit more experience with MS than some? what any doc actually 'feels' about any given patients symptoms generally comes from what they have usually seen more of in 'their' particular practice? its just the way the many different docs see things, not actually what it may be kinda thing? every single doc and specialist out there learns wayyy more from seeing actual patients in their own practice than anyplace else actually. thats where having alot of real years of experience makes the better docs? they just tend to know more because they have seen more patients and treated a wider variety of conditions?

what you have going on with that pain in your neck could be something at the very base of the brain that can impact that c spine level pretty hard or you could have some level of spinal issue up in that c spine thats creating this too. thats where getting that really good contrasted look into the brain and that spinal really IS needed, just to actually see what shows up where? has there been any mention of something called a possible chiari formation? its just your description of symptoms? sometimes the actual cerebellar tonsils of the brain can actually sit a wee bit lower in the brainstem and kind of 'crowd" the spinal cord to a certain degree? i am in no way saying you actually have this, but it should be looked into when that brain MRI gets done? it just would definitely show if you did have it. this just would in most cases actually be something you would kind of be born with?

just one of the main reasons a person will actually have a 'normal' EMG when something still is impacting fingers is usually becasue the impact is only an intermittant thing and not a 'constant"? the area just HAS TO be directly impacted at the time of that testing in order for it to even show up as any level of flow velocity impairment. thats the bigger problem with the EMG itself. i had the very same thing happen with my EMG for my herniated c 6-7 when i was having horrid intermittant types of pain and numbness in my fingers too. and i was told even before my test just what i told you too. it would have to be actively impinged at the time to actually show it. that test is really great for certain things but pretty crappy for others unfortuently. thats why that MRI just IS so much more important since it will usually show what IS going on within the spinal like stenosis? that would create intermittant symptoms easily. this was what i also had in my c 7 nerve root. but there just can be alot of other reasons too.

have you actually had the MRIs done then or not? just make certain like i mentioned before, to actually obtain your very own copies of all of the testing that gets done on you from here on out. we all just need to keep getting all of out own medical records. believe me, this has helped me to really just stay on top of all my many different medical issues. and it also allows you to actually read thru all of your own results and any records you can also obtain from any or all of your ongoing treating docs too. just let me know what is in the MRI summaries when they are done? i can help you to better decipher them in most cases. hopefully something will show that will correlate all of your symptoms so at least you will actually know more than you do now. good luck, and DO keep me posted. marcia

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