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I have had low back pain for 10 years, severity comes and goes. Things have been going fairly well (mild, manageable pain), and suddenly I'm waking up at 4 am with pain and stiffness and can't get comfortable or back to sleep.
Usually, sleeping on my side with a pillow b/n my knees is quite comfortable, so not sure what happened. Sleeping on my back and stomach is also uncomfortable. So, what are my other options?
Any suggestions for comfortable sleeping positions w/ low back pain?

Thanks! Dinah
If you try to sleep on your back, you usually need to keep knees high, I use two pillows under my knees. I can't sleep long on my side, due to my arms going numb. I have had cervical surgery. I am forced to sleep on my back and had lots of hip pain until I began using the high level of pillows under my knees. It has helped. I used to sleep on my stomach, and that is impossible now.

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