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[COLOR="Navy"]I've been having these "charlie horses" as I call them for the past 4 years. It is from nerve compression and yes, sciatica. Hurts like the devil, don't they? Never pain meds only help so far. My PT has told me to put ice on my sacrum to help with it.

I have been having a bad flare up of them this past week-during the night.It wakes me up and wrenches me out of bed while I stand on my toes or put my foot in the toliet (groady, huh) to break the siege. It seems that the cold helps more than anything-which is why he told me to ice b4 bed. I just had therapy last night so I'll try it tonight and see if it helps. It's been a miserable week so far. I have them in both legs and this curls down to my toes sometimes.

You are not alone in having this. I have had a DVT-went from my claf to my groin and throwing clots into both lungs so I know what that pain is. I almost wish for that-it can be cured. This you just learn to ride out-and no bananas don't help! My skin is even sensitive to the touch after a bout of this. LOL.

don't stress so bad.You aren't in this alone and it is related to sciatica![/COLOR]

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