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My PM doctor just said we might want to look into a spinal cord stimulator and I'm hoping some of you can give me some good insight. I have had every kind of injection done, a double RFA on L2-SI and recently a discogram that produced horrific pain (I'm a month out and still dying actually) which i tested positive in L4-L5 and a couple of others as well but my CT scan looked great and there's nothing anatomically wrong with my discs. My PM doctor thinks i have "Irritable Disc Disease" or he said it might also be called "Sherman's Disease". Basically, my discs are the source of pain but they don't know why and the more poking and prodding we do, the worst they feel. We've ruled out an IDET because they don't have a great success rate and because my Dr. just is afraid if we attack the disc that i will be in worse pain. He recommended some nerve block injections such as a L2 Ganglion block or a sinuverebral injection or block but if they don't work, we may look into the Spinal cord stimulator. I"m only 40 years old, work full time and have a 5 year old son and i don't want to have to take these meds forever, if i have a choice. Does anyone know anything about these stimulators? Please advise. thank you.
Hi CL, Is this something that is worn, or this something they insert? I might not be of any help at all. I had a two leval cervical spine fusion at C5-7 two years ago. The nurse in my neuro office told me she was going to order a stimualator for me post op. The morning after my surgery, before I was released, the company's representative came in to deliver the stimulator. He did tell me that insurances only cover it in extreme cases. One level does not qualify. I had to wear the stimulator around my neck for two hours a day which had a timer and a reading in it. I had to take it to my neuro visits so he could take a reading. It was supposed to stimulate the bone fusion so I would heal faster. As far as I know, it helped. Once healing was successful, probably 3 to 4 weeks, I didn't have to wear it anymore. Mine had a limited amount of time that it worked.

Good luck, back pain is awful.
hey Swartzie, thank you so much for your comments. This is actually a mechanism that is implanted, similar to a pacemaker. You have a little remote that you use to control the impulses that supposedly interupt the pain messages from your nerves to your brain. They said i would be able to try it to see if it works before they actually implant it. I have a LOT MORE research that i need to do on it before i really consider it. One of the good things about it though, is that it can be removed if i want to and honestly the thought of better pain control without heavy pain medications is quite tantalizing to me but like i said, i need to find out more. Thanks again for your comments. I hope you got good relief from your fusion!
Hi CL,

I found some other posts about those on this site. Wow, that woud definately be something to inquire about. If I recall, others had the same dilema as you. Knowing about back pain, which is the last thing I ever thought I'd have, you kinda got keep on finding the answers.

Good luck. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

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