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Heres my prooblem. I do have a compresssed nerve at L4-5. 3 days ago, I fell from a standing position and landed on my buttocks on carpet. Seemed to be the easiest fall I ever had. I got up and there was no pain or anything. This was about noon. By 4-5:00 pm my right hip area started getting sore. By the time I got up the next morning, I couldnt hardly even walk for the pain in that right hip area. It was horrible and I can stand quite a bit of pain. Later that day, it was hurting sobad, I called the ambulance to go to the ER thinking my hip might be broke or a stress fracture. They xrayed the hip and said it was OK and sent me home.. Today, it is worse than ever before. I just sit here and cry. The pain now is from right low back, buttocks, top right thigh, knee, and shin. I have a huge bruise behind right knee and some up and down my leg.. Foot is tingly. Leg is swollen from hip down. I am on Coumadin so I understand bruises but not in the places I have them since only my buttocks was on the floor. I do have mild osteoporosis in this hip. I have Lortab10 for back problems but they do not help. I am also on Prednisone and muscle relaxers and none of this is helping. I can not even stand to touch it. I cant lie in bed, cant walk, cant sit. The pain is horrible. I have a doc appt tues morn and trying to hold out but I reallly cant stand this anymore. I also have trouble with gout that cleared up(both hands) in the last couple weeks. My question is where is this severe pain coming from (back, hip, gout?) and what do I do? Also, that the whole leg is swollen (I take huge amts of lasix daily but they do nothing for this leg swelling). I cant lift that foot/leg up eough to put my clothes on, or even out it in the bed. Please if you have any ideas-please share!

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