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Is it back pain?
May 17, 2010
I am 29 years old and up until a year ago never suffered from headaches. My headaches started around the time of my period every month and I would have a horrible headache for the first day of my period and I would be fine. A year later I now have a headache at some point everyday. Sometimes ibuprofin helps, sometimes tyelonol helps, sometime sinus meds. help and sometimes nothing helps. Lately the headaches have gotten better but other symptoms have popped up such as nausea, indigestion, stuffed nose, ringing and pressure in my ears, and a strange vision issue which I have no idea how to describe other than to say it looks like im trying to look through smoke...I can see clearly but it's almost hazy. I also feel dizzy at some points, vertigo and get a tingly feeling that can either be in my hands, hands and feet or (like right now) all over my body. Sometimes my legs feel weak and if Im typing I have a hard time hitting the right keys.

I have been seeing my dr. for over a year and have tried medications for migraines and sinus infections. Nothing has helped. I have alot of pain in my neck and my upper back and have been told by a couple of dr.s now in walk in clinics that I have strained muscles in my neck that are causing the vision issues and headaches.

I am scheduled to see an allergist this summer.

I have endometriosis and am being treated with monthly injections of Lupron. My symptoms started before the injections and my gynecologist does not think any of these are related.

I have not had a CT scan or MRI.

I generally am a happy person (so no, don't feel that this is stress related) but am feeling pretty "out of it" during my days.

Any help would be appreciated.

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