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Greetings to anyone who will listen,
I am a survivior of thyroid cancer after nine major neck surgeries earning me my title as a Cut Throat. I am very aware of pain, however the past year I have had sciatic nerve problems that made my past neck pain nothing compared to this pain I have been having until a couple weeks ago I finally got into an orthopedic surgeons office. He ordered a MRI and I had the MRI two days later. He gave me dialadid 2mg for the pain that has not helped at all. I called his offive for the results and was told he was on vacation and I could see him June 20th or something like that. I do not think I will live until June 20 if something is not done.........After being told that I drove to town and went to the MRI Imaing center and demanded my MRI CD and report as I need a Dr who has time to help me. Until then please someone help me understand what I am reading.......................
The MRI says
The vertebrae are normal in height. There is a 3mm anterolisthesis on the L5-S1. Normal bone marrow sinal, Mild disc space narrowing, disc vacuum phenomenon and the endplate chanes at L5-S1. Normal appearance of the distal cord and conus.
At L3-4 mild facet arthropathy
At L4-5 mild disc bulge greater to the left. Tear of the posterior annulus of the disc on the left. Moderately advanced facet arthropathy. Mild narrowing of the neural foramina.
At L5-S1 very severe fact arthropathy. There are joint effusions and hypertrophic changes. There is a 12x14mm synovial cyst along the medial aspect of the left facet joint below the level of the disc space with the mass effect on the left S1 nerve root and the left side of the thecal sac. There is a 10mm lobulated synovial cyst inferomedial to the right facet joint. Also at this level there is a mild disc bulge and moderately severe to severe narrowin of the neural foramina.

Marked facet arthropathy L5-S1. Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis (degenerative) L5-S1.
There is a large synovial cyst arrising from the left facet joint at L5-S1 with the mass efect on the left S1 nerve root and the left side of the thecal sac.
Significant neural narrowing at L5-S1.

The pain I have been experiencing is terrible. What kind of a Dr do I need for this problem?
Please someone tell me I am not crazy.................
A friend gave me a muscle relaxant as my left leg down to the ball of my left foot is spasming out and I wanted to be shot but no one will do it.
Geez Louise I was a Cut Throat a simple pain in the neck now I am a pain in the butt!!

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