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I have been suffering terribly with lower back pain for years, and I finally found a chiropractor that believed me and sent me for an MRI. She explained the results and sent me to a doctor for a referal for pain injections. The doctor stressed me out and I forgot everything she explained because he basically brushed me off and told me it shouldn't hurt that much. I'm hoping someone can put these results into english for me so I can stand up for myself better at my next appointment.

L4/5 disc has degenerative signal and minor generalised bulging with a broadbased posterior hyperintense annulus tear. No focal protrusion or canal stenosis. Facet joints have minimal arthropathy.

L5/S1 has degenerative signal and chroic end plate reactive changes consistent with spondylosis. No protrusion or stenosis. Minimal facet arthropathy is present.

It also mentions in the comments that annulus tears can be associated with chemical irritation?

The other thing I remember my chiro showing me on the scans was that the muscles that are meant to be protecting this are have wasted half away. My muscles looked like a piece of well marbled meat! Also, that I am missing some of the squishy stuff between two of my vertebra? I'm so confused!

Thanks for reading


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