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I went through the back problems board thought of posting my problem.

I am 26 years having mild pain in upper half of back it is always varying not at one place (Some times I have pain in upper left, sometimes it is just below on back where ribcage ends etc) it is there from past 10 months.

Recently I consulted doctor and had my spine MRI. After seeing my spine MRI he said I have to always sit straight ( not bending forward) , go for daily walk, eat less, reduce weight(168Pounds/5.6), he said nothing much can be done to reduce disc bulges. now apart from pain I am feeling as some ants are passing through me on various parts of body. these feelings is felt at different places of body legs, buttocks, chest, back). Though this feeling last for less than 10 sec.

I also have swelling in lower left back and left buttock ( Just above HIP, MRI does not talk about it).

MRI Report


1) Vertebral body alignment is normal.
2) Vertebal bodies are normal in height and signal intensity.
3) Mild posterior disc bulges at L4-L5 & L5-S1 levels causing thecal sac indentation with mild presseure over bilaterl neural foramen.
4) The spinal cord shows normal signal intensity
5) No intraspinal or extra spinal mass lesion
6) pre and paraspinal soft tissues are normal
7) Both sacro iliac joints and face joints are normal
8) Screeing of cervico dorsal spine revealed posterior disc bulges from c3-c4 to c6-c7 levels causing thecal sac identation.

Impression : MR image morphology is in favour of
---Mild Posterior Disc Bulges at L4-L5 & L5-S1 Levels causing Thecal Sac Identation with Mild Pressure Over Bilateral Neural Foramen.

I am also concerned about swelling in left buttock, left lower back just above hip).
I would really appreciate if I could get any suggestions or if you could let me know if something is missing out.

I am going to consult another Dr (neurosurgeon & ortho). want to make sure that these Dr are not missing anything. but suggestions from SME's will really help

Warm Regards,

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