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So here is my story and Im sticking to it. :)

I dealt with 2 years of gradually increasing radicular pain, until my sleep was being interrupted on a nightly basis. At the end I was sleeping about 3 solid hours a night. That was what put me over the edge in deciding to get the surgery.

Basically pretty bad herniation on the right AND left sides with an annular tear at L5/S1 and mildly bulging at l4/l5. No symptoms whatsoever in left leg, all pain on right side. I was advised that the symptoms could move to the left after fixing the right because I was herniated on both sides. More to come on that.

Did my research, found a great surgeon who was fellowship trained in spinal, was chief resident at a major university and is chief of neurosurgery. Decided against a Metrx discectomy in favor of micro-d based on clinical studies showing very similiar recovery and results with micro-d being slightly better overall.

The procedure went well, however during the surgery it was discovered that I have spina bifida occulta so there was no bone to be cut, basically I didnt need a laminectomy or laminotomy so it was just the disc repair.

Pretty much immediate relief on the right side post op, especially after 5 days. At just over 2 weeks, I developed a burning sensation in left heel and butt which persists but is nothing like the radicular pain I had on the right side.I have no shooting pains down the left side at all to this day.

At 6 weeks I developed symptoms on the right again, this being after several weeks of no pain whatsoever. The pain is radicular in nature, and doing the infamous straight leg raise makes them worse. Those have been back for more than 2 weeks now and I am back on neurontin to alleviate them. The pain is pretty well controlled with the neurontin, with an occasional vicodin.

I had another MRI Tuesday and am waiting for the results, my surgeon thinks that possibly I have reherniated.

I guess I am wondering if anyone also has experienced new pain post op after a period of no pain at all? And more importantly have you got new pain without it being a reherniation that gradually healed as the nerves did.

Thanks for listening!

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