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Sciatica pain
Aug 15, 2010
I am presently diagnosed sciatica of left leg consequent upon L5-S1disc disorder.
It all started on 9.6.10 when I was lifting a laptop bag weighing about 10 kg. There was severe pain in the lower back. I sat down and managed to get up slowly. Went to site office and then to doctor. He gave pain relieving medicine, advised rest and not to bend forward to lift. Since I was at project site, I took reasonable rest and returned home next day.

I took 2 days bed rest and resumed office work after that. The doctor advised me that the pain will go slowly and I should be careful about lifting things. My job calls for computer use in sitting position. It continued till 30.7.10 with 8 hours table work and 2 hours driving each day, followed by only weekend rest and no medication.

I was relieved of back pain in about 4 weeks time. The leg pain started about 3 weeks after the first incidence. The leg pain continued increasing. The doctor advised me x-ray followed by MRI.

The MRI report is as follow:

“MRI was performed on a 1.5 TESLA whole body MRI Scanner on July 29.
Sagittal T1 & TSE T2 weighted scans of the lumbar spine were studied and these were correlated with axial images. Additional coronal STIR survey of the sacroiliac joints were also obtained.

The lumbar and lower dorsal vertebrae are normal in height, alignment and marrow signal characteristics.

There are generalised degenerative spondyiotic changes in the lumbar and lower dorsal spine with marginal end plate osteophytes and degenerated intervertebral discs displaying hypointense signal on T2 weighted images mainly involving the L1-2, L2-3 and L5-S1 discs.

The L1-2 and L2-3 discs show diffuse annular bulge with focal tear in the postero central location causing focal disc protrusion and thecal sac indentation. This is more prominent at L2-3 level. No significant foramina! stenosis or overt signs of exiting nerve root compression is seen.

The L4-5 disc shows diffuse annular bulge with right foramina! protrusion and annular tear. There is evidence of thecal sac indentation with right foramina! stenosis. No overt signs of exiting nerve root compression is seen.

The L5-S1 disc shows diffuse annular bulge with left subarticular - foraminal extrusion and focal annular tear. There is evidence of thecal sac indentation with left foramina! stenosis. There is significant compression of the traversing SI nerve root at this location. Mild changes of foraminal stenosis is also seen on the right side with indentation over the traversing nerve roots on the right side..

No significant disc herniation is seen in rest of the lumbar and lower dorsal spine causing thecal sac indentation or foraminal narrowing.

There are mild changes of facet joint arthropathy at lower lumbar spine more on the right side. No significant changes of interspinous degeneration is seen,
No evidence of developmental bony spinal canal stenosis is seen on this study.

Pre & paravertebral soft tissues are within normal limits. Conus is normal in position and signal intensity.

STIR coronal sections of the sacroiliac joints are within normal limits.”

The doctor advised me bed rest for 3 weeks from 31.7.10.

I have been taking following medicines since 31.7.10, along with bed rest.

From 31.7.10 to 5.8.10:
Tab Disperzmn before meal
Tab Moron-P two times a day

Status on 5.8.10: No relief in pain

From 6.8.10 to 12.8.10:
Pregabalin capsules 75 mg once a day
Mecobalamin tablets 1500 mg once a day
Status on 12.8.10: No relief in pain

From 13.8.10 to 19,8,10
Acaclofenac tab IP100mg once a day
Serrofiopepfidose tablets before meal 2 times a day
Pregabalin capsules 150 mg once a day
Mecobalamin tablets 1500 mg once a day

Status on 15.8.10: Marginal relief in pain

Kindly advise me the following:

i. If my present treatment is in the right direction or it needs changes considering the above status ?

ii. What is the likely course of disease?

iii. If some exercise and / or physiotherapy could be helpful?

iv. What precautions I need to take in future?

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