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Hello everyone. I am a new member to the forums section; although, I have read many of your posts. I must first say thank you for sharing so many intimate details of your medical histories. It is helpful 'meeting' others whom I have these things in common with. Now a little background.

I am 33 years old. I woke one morning the early part of May 2010 with terrible back pain. Went to ER 2 days later after my symptoms continued to persist. After about a week of Meds my back began to feel pretty good. A few days after this the pain returned but it was in my buttocks. The pain began to shoot into my hip and then the pain worsened running from my butt to my toes (R leg). After about 2 months I made an appointment to see an Orthopedist. I was diagnosed with a ruptured disc L4/L5 by MRI early in June 2010. Was referred to Neurosurgeon. Had laminectomy on July 6th 2010. Was taking it easy afterward, of course, and other than being sore and drained from the surgery and pain Meds, my hip and leg pain was basically gone. Fast forward about 4 weeks post-op and I begin to notice a pain in my calf and shin. The last 2 weeks have seen this pain worsen becoming more persistent; standing after sitting for a while has become painful again, and getting in and out of the car is turning out to be almost as difficult as before the surgery. The pain is just as it was before Sx, it's just not as intense, yet.

My almost 6 week post-op check-up went okay, I told Doc about the pain and was told " . . . for 3-4 months post-op pain can be expected".

Now I can accept the pain being common post-op theory; but the nature of the pain I am feeling and how it seems to be getting worse, and how it is the same shooting stabbing pain down my R leg like someone is trying to rip my calf off at times has me worried. To make things worse I started PT last week and found the stretches to be very painful, and I don't mean pain from the muscles being stretched either. Trying to bend forward or backward causes immense stabbing pain in my hip and down my calf. I was told by the therapists that the motions she was putting me through 'should not' be causing the kind of pain that I was experiencing. I mean she almost seemed shocked that I was having the type of intense and sudden stabbing pains that I had.

So, that's really my main question- given the experiences that you've (fellow members) have had post-op, and during your PT, would you think that everything I've described could be 'normal'? Or would someone think that something isn't right?

Any and all help/advice would be so greatly appreciated!

in TN

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