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[QUOTE=jcrowder;4308866]I just had a lumbar fusion for grade 2 spondy from S1 to L5 on June 30. I'm recovering pretty well. < edited > goes from chest to hips w/ 3 velcro strips on each side. That's the one i have. I couldn't find a model number for you. It's not too uncomfortable. Actually, i get scared when i don't wear it because it makes me feel like i'll move wrong. and believe me, when you move wrong, you know it!! If you are getting fitted for your brace before your surgery, make sure you wear it some prior to your surgery. I had to take mine backk and get them to trim some areas down for a better fit...better to do that before hand. They fitted me 2 weeks before.

I can sleep on my back and both sides. You aren't supposed to sleep on your stomach at all. I sleep pretty well too.

Good luck to you. It ain't an easy ordeal, but it's better than sciatica anyday![/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for this info. I have been thinking that I will probably want it on most of the time. What is the pain like, exactly? I'm used to grinding aches (sometimes it feels like hot pokers) and spasms in my lower back. Is this more of a shooting pain? I have light twitchy pains in my legs, but nothing major--evidently i have lost quite a bit of sensation in my left leg.

I'm so glad to hear from a recent "survivor." I am beyond scared about this surgery, mainly because I do not react well to anesthesia and narcotic pain medication. I'm hoping that things will be better after the first three weeks.

Any ideas on how to cobat the boredom of 6 weeks w/o driving or work?

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