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[QUOTE=sunsetbeach;4313410]I called the nurse this morning and she told me to come in. The back dr. who ordered the MRI and who is doing the emg is a Dr of Osteopathic Medicine.
The website says He is an expert in the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic spine disease, and he stresses the avoidance of spine surgery where ever possible in his treatment recommendations. Am I even seeing the right kind of drs?

He did another physical exam today checking reflexes and asking me to bend down push his hands back etc. I told him where on the lower back it hurt and where the burning was. He said he is not sure what it is. I asked if sciatica he said no. He said my exam does not match a sciatica problem based on where my pain is. He said peripheral neuropathy can come from 1000s of things. Said sometimes we can figure it out sometimes not. Told me lets see what MRI says. I am having that tomorrow. Then the leg test the 2nd of sept . He said if he does not see anything then it will be up to the regular neurologist to figure it out. I see the neurologist in his building on the 2nd after the leg test.

He did give me gabapentin to take. How does this make you feel?[/QUOTE]
I have tingling and burning in my upper thigh, my nerve specialist said it was Meralgia Paresthetica and also put me on gabapentin - so far it has caused blurry vision, can cause dizziness but hasn't with me but you gradually increase the dosage weekly (at least that's what I'm doing). The blurry vision is the downfall because it makes it hard to read anything. On the good side it has helped with the pain, I no longer have it. Most doctors will tell you it eventually goes away. I have had it going on four months now. It started with hip pain which after an MRI were tears in my spine. Good luck! If you find anything to rid yourself of it, let ME know! I had an active life before this.

My orthopedic surgeon referred me to the nerve specialist.

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