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Thanks for the lesson Jenny and the hugs both are most welcome :)

I am trying to learn as much as possible about the spinal structures etc as I will feel better equipped on my appointment.

As I said previously I have suffered shoulder and neck pain for many years but it is now becoming so very much worse. Yet my doctors in the past have had varying responses to me usually putting it down to stress and giving me meds despite me telling them that the only stress I have is from the pain, as I'm a pretty laid back person. Others have even told me to stop wasting their time in not so many words.

My neck pain however is changing. My whole neck, shoulders and head muscles would go into spasm giving me severe pain, So much so I could have riped my head off or let a bus run over it! Anything to stop the pain as breathing also became difficult. Now though I get massive jarring when I turn my head. Kinda like when you turn your neck too fast and it feels like a metal bar down down your neck, only this is happening accross the whole left to right and right to left neck movement range.
Cold air also kills me with pain.

My middle back muscles keep pulling constantly and the pain always radiates in a circle pulling in my chest too.

As for my sacro no I haven't had any other MRI or Xray here or on my back, just the short neck MRI.

About 7 years ago I was changing a tyre on my car when I felt such a snap in my sacro area that I thought I had broken my back! I had to crawl inside and was unable to walk for over a week. After this my legs would often buckle from underneath me and stairs were impossible.

I had physio where they lay you on one side and push your hip sharply over and this helped a little.

My lower back has now become very flat ie there is no longer an arch between my back and buttocks.

My lower back causes me extreme pain every morning but sometimes subsides with movement. However I can't jump down a step etc as my back feels like it will snap and my legs will buckle Gauranteed.

Despite this I have forged ahead as a landscape gardener for the last two years. It has been hard as on many days I have no strength or I am in severe pain.
Lifting a chainsaw above shoulder height almost kills me now and I feel frustrated as it looks like my second career is almost over too.

I'm losing weight rapidly as I've lost my appetite and my muscle mass seems to be fading too.

I'm sorry to go on so much but some things I say may be relevant. I'm just glad that the severe pins and needles in my arms isn't from a minor stroke despite being told so from one so called specialist who was scratching her head as to why no other stroke symptoms were present. I told her I thought it was being caused by my neck but she dismissed it.


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