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believe me tiff, your surgeon does not want to even have to Rx you the percs either for too overly long. they are just like that. if a person could actually even take something like aleeve or advil, it would help soo much esp with the areas that are more inflammed? but since that(all NSAIDS) inhibit fusion, you cant. i am assuming you DID have to have some sort of fusion with them removing a disc? something would have had to actually replace that space where the disc sat.

what dose/mgs is your percs,5 mg or 10mg? how often are you having to actually take them thru out your day now? while you DO want to not have to take the percs on any long term basis, you always do need to cover your pain too? people who are way undermedicated do not heal will either. its that lil trade off. using them as sparingly as possible, but definitely as needed, will keep you from becomming dependant on them. you just have to find that balance ya know?

anytime you get the chance to just lie down and ice that area,i would try to do that to kjust get that swelling down and also lower your overall pain levels too. but you really do need to speak to your surgeons office about that muscle relaxer if your spasms are just THAT bad. what did they give you when you were in urgent care you mentioned? there just ARE many different types/forms of muscle relaxers out there and some do work better than others too. but anything needs to be cleared thru your surgeon.

i am just personally wondering if you are actually suffering real 'spasms' here or possible more "hyper reflexic" types of symptoms from some type of actual spinal cord involvement depending upon how potentially impacted or if this was even hit while they were digging around in your spinal area? this simply can come along for the ride anytime the "upper motor neurons' within the outter layers of the cord get "affected' in some way? it can even be there when someone simply has some solid compression upon their spinal cord too? this is usually the main thing the surgeons look for with the knee reflexes when they tap the area? whenever your surgeon has tapped the area right under your kneecap, how did your legs respond both pre op and now post op? are the lower leg movements now more "brisk' with the lower legs more 'shooting out" more suddenly when tapped or the more normal subtle 'bounce out" that is the norm?

you can actually check this yourself by simply using the heavy end of liker a butter knife? hold the blade end in your hand and just sit in a chair with both legs hanging over the edge and then use that heavy end and try tapping right under that kneecap area and see what your lower legs simply do? you may need to tap the area a few times before you hit that 'right" spot but keep doing this til you get either the subtle bounce out or the shoot out, that would be the more abnormal one? hyper reflexes just indicate that something, even too much swelling at this point or something possibly during your surgery, depending upon how encrouched upon your cord could have been, that may explain the intensity of your level of spasming this far out still? if this in both legs, esp the more active one, is the bounce out(normal), then the spasms ARE more than likely stemming from an overly excited or inflammed motor nerve from more than likely that surgical area, esp with so many areas being gone into in there too? but finding out just what that knee reaction/reflex actually is like really would help and if more 'shoot out" occurs, THAT definitely IS something your ortho needs to be told.

do you know just how close ANY of your MRI findings actually even were to that cord area? was any scar tissue impacting the thecal sac? if you have your pre op MRI, could you post that summary on the very back page that has all the 'hard findings" the interpretting radiologist saw when he first looked at your films? if you do not yet have any copies of the reports from any MRIs you may have had done, you really should obtain them. there are usually alot of different findings in them that not all docs, esp surgeons will even mention to any given patient? it is a sick thing to do to us, but this IS pretty much how it goes with this stuff. i always obtain my own copies of every single radiologic type test and the hardfilms too, now CDs, and any other types of tests i have to have done like my labs and ultrasounds too. you just really DO need to always read thru your own MRI reports just so YOU know what is there and what was NOT actually mentioned or told to you, esp when there has been surgery involved? esp if the same surgeon actually did all your surgeries? this is just something that every single patient who has had any testing done at all should really seriously do just so YOU know everything in the reports, and not just the bits and pieces that any given doc decides to only 'tell you" about?

you can either obtain copies from the ordering doc or the easist way i have found is simply getting them from the rad facility that DID my MRIs? all you have to do is go there, sign a relaese of information sheet and they will pop you off a copy right there since it is all stored right in the system and easily accessable. what i do NOW when i am there HAVING my MRI or whtever it is done, they have a form you can fill out at the time that tells them you want a copy of the eventual report just sent out to you to your home, then they go ahead and do just that? except you DO have to wait about ten days since they want to make certain that the ordering doc actually has spoken to the patient about their results BEFORE you get them in the mail? but just make sure you always get your own copies of anything tested. you might be rather suprised at the little bit you were merely 'told' and what are actually hard findings listed in your report. i know I have been.

but knowing what was actually impacted in the pre op MRI you had done would help alot tiff. knowing what was in that summary and word for word as the rad wrote it really helps too. depending upon exactly "how" any rad explains any given findings also does matter, alot in some cases.marcia

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