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Hi there Tiffany737! Well I am not promising any cures, and I am wondering what you are wondering because a very old registered nurse I met told me she was wondering if her epidural or spinal tap and I forgot which had caused her spinal stenosis and she wasn't sure. You can try some things I wrote in post #8 entitled what's next when nothing helps the pain. Someone else in that thread wrote that they used water to lay in. You can also read post #3 I wrote entitled upper back pain and shortness of breath. A third post you could read is entitled "Try a New Topical Pain Cream fingers crossed"
post# 42 that I wrote. I hope some of this helps you. There are some horror stories of bad back surgeries that are on the back board. Do you have a trusted person who could gently rub it for you all the way up and all the way down? hope something helps you.

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