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Please can someone help with this MRI report?

MRI Spine Lumbar/Sacral
There is a loss of the normal lumbar lordosis. There is a degenerative change at L5/S1 with loss of disc signal and disc height.

At L5/S1 there is a right pracentral focal disc protrusion with a probable sequestrated fragment extending inferiorly. There is a compression of the theca and the nerve roots withing particularly the right S1 nerve root.
No other disc protrusion or nerve root compression.
The conus appears normal. No evidence of vertebral collapse or focal bony lesion.
This is hubbys MRI scan 2 months after a rear RTC where the lorry diver was travelling at approx 60mph.
Hubby had an attack of sciatica in June last year but never needed time off work. He had 3 days off in September with it but the following month we were in the Moroccan Sahara riding camels for 2 weeks. He then helped out with a company move.

In December we had the accident. He was in pain and stiff after the event but within 48 hours he was screaming in agony on the floor saying it felt like someone had just shot him in the lower back.

My question is:
The loss of disc height ..can that be related to the trauma of the accident?
Can any of this be related to it?
A so called medical expert who we now know usually works for insurance companies debunking claims for compensation was instructed by our solicitors ( we have now changed!) said that hubby would have been in this position ie
about to see the pain clinic for epidural injections, possible surgery, on benefits - disabled living allowance - in 12 months time the accident just accellerated it!

He has always been a fit guy, surfing, walking, gardening and now hes suffering from PTSD and immobile most of the time :confused:

Any help greatly appreciated!

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