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[QUOTE=maltluver;4321118]>>>>>>>>>> Gosh, I am so sorry that you are going through this. How did you hurt your back originally? What kind of dr. are you seeing other than a chiropractor? It's just my opinion, but I wouldn't want a chiro working on me unless I had a firm diagnosis.

On what basis did the company deny L&I (excuse my ignorance, but just what is that?) and what reason are they giving you for not paying your medical bills? I might be able to advise you better if I had more information.

In order to get a firm diagnosis you need to see either an orthopedic spine specialist (my choice) or a neurosurgeon. This does NOT mean you need surgery, but you do need someone who will order an MRI and find out what is going on with your back. The dx of "degenerative disc" could mean just about anything and it's my guess that this is what the chiro told you and the ins. co. Might be why they are demanding more information.

I would see the specialist asap, get a dx, and have that dr. work with the ins. co to explain just what your problem is. At that point, if they refuse to pay, it's time to hire an atty who specializes in this type of thing, such as one who does workman comp claims.

I don't know how old you are, but you might consider SSI, especially if the doctor doesn't want you to work or if surgery is recommended (at which time you get a second opinion). I know you are concerned about the medical bills, but believe me when I tell you that right now it is most important that you take care of your problem physically.....then you will have a better idea of what to do next.

Can you describe where your pain is and what kind of pain it is? What makes it better and what makes it worse? Is it sharp, dull, burning, etc?

Hopefully, you can come back and fill in some of the blanks so that someone here might be able to offer some constructive help for you.


Hi Carol,
Thank You, any help would be very much appriciated :)
L & I is Labor & Industries. I filed the L & I claim when I went to the Dr. They paid the bill but denied any future claims because they say: There is no proof of a specific injury at a definite time and place in the course of employent.
In 2005 I was working as an only employee at a small business. We delivered pull tabs to businesses. I did everything from running the orders, delivery, cleaning & putting away all inventory. Boxed weighed from 20# - 100#. I was physically fit, but just not made to do that kind of work I guess. I'm only 5' 2" & weighed 125# at that time. I would get 1-15 pallets 7' tall & sometimes it would take me days non stop unpacking & sorting them.
On a Friday, about an hour before I was done for the day I was unloading pallets. My back started hurting but I was almost done. Well, it slowly got worst & I pretty much blacked out the whole weekend. I was in bed the whole time in sooo much pain. I went to work that Monday & told my boss. He told me to do what I could. I was baby stepping I hurt so bad. At that time I had just finished huge custody battle with my ex over our 2 young children. It was a terrible experience. My attorney was a crook so I don't think highly of them or the justice system. But I still have my kids. During that time I had also dealt with allot of sexual harassment from my boss. I really needed that job. Well, that Friday my boss told me he couldn't afford to pay me anymore & wanted me to find another job. I was to give him 2 weeks notice so I could train someone before I left. The next friday he asked if I had found another job, I said no. It was actually that day I went to the Dr & filed the L & I claim. So it was only 2 weeks after my injury & not 3. I do have it all documented by dates & everything. When I seen the Dr she did an xray and said I probably sprained it. The following Monday I called in sick. I wasn't allowed to take sick days but figured I was losing my job anyways... That Tuesday he opened the L & I claim & within minutes I was fired & leaving the business.
I didn't have insurance so never went back to a Dr. My back has been sore ever since but toleratable. Then last year my new husband & I had a baby in September. My back seemed to really take allot through the pregnancy. I couldn't lift feed bags or bales, my back hurt to much. For years I did stuff even if my back hurt. Anyhow, earlier this year my husband talked me into seeing his Chiropracter. He took x-rays & gave me the diagnoses of the degenerative disk. Also said my back is misaligned in 2 places & I had bone rubbing on bone. It's been 4 months & alittle improvement but not a while lot. I can feel the inflamed disk (L-5 disk I believe it is). It makes my whole lower back sore. Anymore it seems to radiate through the rest of my back. Like I've been digging a trench all day. I can't move certain ways. I raise Farm & Game birds 7 these days I try not to push myself & never do more than I should. But, I always hurt more after cleaning cages & stuff. My son weighs 20# & I can't carry him for very long & I have certain ways of lifting him. I can feel the pressure on that disk. I seen a Physiatrist last week that was recommended by another Dr... I had an MRI the next day but haven't heard any more. He did go over the xrays & agreed on the degenerative disk.
I recently received copys of the initial Dr visit & the Dr messed up the dates & everything. She said the pain came on over course of a few days, which isn't true. Actually I can go on and on over many things that she didn't get right in her report. I'm really irritated on how badly she messed up the report.
With the disk pain it's usually a dull pain. But when I move it hurts. If I've cleaned cages or other physical things it burns. It radiates across my back... I've been trying to rest more. For years I've always been on the go. I still keep busy but I have a neighbor boy whole cleans stalls & helps with the stuff I can't do. We have the baby & 3 older children which I do have help around the house. Thankfully they are older now because I used to do it all. It's nice having help with the cleaning & everything.
My husband has a hard time because when we met I had back problems but worked through them. Now I don't lift more than 20 # & don't get out and help him with stuff like I used to. But I know what's wrong now & don't want to hurt myself more.
Anyhow, sorry for all the rambling. I think I answered everything..

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