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Hello Everyone,

I have been reading this forum for long time, but never posted before. I'm 28 years old, 150lbs. I was a very active person, with absolutely no health issues until 2 years back when i injured my lower back lifting heavy object in twist, bend position. Life took U turn since that night.
Back Pain was so intense that i collapsed on ground.
Visited doc, had MRI, showed L5-S1 DDD, large right paracentral protrusion.
Slowly started having bilateral leg pain + burning sensation 24/7. Doc's said, no significant compression, so wait it out.Tried rest, Physio, chiro, accup, yoga, epidural.. nothing worked.
Finally after 9 months after injury, in aug 2009 had first surgery. This is was endoscopic discectomy(HydroSurgery), in calif. This was under local anestecia. They go from side, and remove the disc material using jet of water.
This was a total failure. Had MRI after 3 months and Protrusion remained same as before in addition to further loss of disc height, as healthy neuclues was removed. Suffered with no improvement and in March 2010, had MicroEndoscopic Discectomy, where they go posteriorly and correct the problem. Was it a success ? Yes but not 100%. It took away back/deep centered pain, also the burning sensation. But i still get leg pain when i stand, and hip pain/burn when i sit in a chair which has no hard straight back. Having nice lumbar support hardly matters. Sitting in metal or wooden chairs keep me pain free. Nothing helps when standing.
MRI shows nothing wrong except scar tissues and nerve swollen. I have seen several doc's recently and all blame on scar tissue, but i feel there is some instability causing all these issues. No proof though.
Currently the pain doesn't stop me from doing anything, but it is dull and constant pain when standing/sitting, which doesn't seem to respond to any kind of treatment. Had recently 2 ESI's, 2 nerve roots, chiro, accup.. still nothing works.
Finally after almost 2 years of suffereing/dipression/frustration and 2 surgeries, my doc agreed for MIS TLIF in Oct.
He gives 50/50 chance of success as he cannot say if the disc or scar tissue or loss of height is causing the issue.

Here are my question.
1. What are the odds that surgery can make situation worse than pre-op ?
2. Did anyone opt for fusion, where pre-op they were able to do everything, but was in constant pain ?

I would appreciate any opinions or advice. good luck...

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