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i so totally agree with carol, stay away from anymore chiro adjustments until you can obtain a good solid look into that whole area down to that spinal cord and nerve roots with ONLY an MRI(nothing else gets deep enough). you simply have no real clue with only mere x ray just exactly what could be underlying in those deeper levels until you get that in depth look, esp with YOUR levels of ongoing symptoms.

the mere fact that you stated this is a 'constant' and never goes away should clearly tell any doc that you simply DO need that MRI at this point. something that is constant like what you are describing generally has a 'consistant' and ongoing solid generator? it shows that you just DO have a "something' that IS impacting 'something' all the time that never lets up or lets it go? an MRI with a good contrasting agent should be able to pick up something that is a 'constant".

i had the very same type of situation and did find out that my unrelenting agony underneath my shoulder blade that was just 'there' always never giving up was from whats called a cavernous hemangioma right INSIDE of my freaking spinal cord. these are very rare to have form there so chances are that is in no way what you may have going on. but just showing you how when something is simply 'there' and constant, it usually is stemming from 'something' more solid impacting 'something that gives you that 24/7 type of impact and symptoms? and this was ONLY seen upon MRI. you just really need to have that area and i would actually ask to have that c spine included along with your brain if possible just given the way your pain is? generally, not in all cases, anything below the level of an impact when spinal related will be affected and not the other way around going UP like you have? but depending upon what nerves are being impacted in particular ways, it "could' be felt above the level of impact? its just much much more 'common' to feel impact AT the problem area or below when spinal, but not impossible. it all comes down more to exactly what real body areas are actually involved, nerve, blood vessels, muscle and fascia too? our fascia simply is like one very huge spiderweb like covering/sheet that is one very interconnected covering that covers/wraps all muscles, organs and blood vessels. since this pretty much covers(wraps around) everything in our bodies in that interconnected way(literally from head to toes), that fasica can be a huge way of creating or causeing our symptoms and pain in one particular area to actually radiate up, down, side to side, in just about any real way? esp muscles to muscles and then group to groups? many people suffer horrid pain 'just' from myofascial damage that can radiate everwhere in some cases, i do have this in my upper back and neck. thats just how the fascia 'is' in our bodies and what can occur when anything is inflammed?

given the fact that the blood vessels too are wrapped in fascia could also be setting off the migranes in you too since the trigger for migraine IS first a severe constriction of the blood vessels within the brain, and then the very sudden over expansion of them when the blood comes rushing back into them? that IS the pounding part of the excruciating pain of migraine. i too have been getting migraines since i was only 13 and am 49 right now, so i DO know how ugly those just in themselves can be.

but i would at this point simply tell your primary doc that you just have to find out what IS creating this non stop ugly pain for you and please send me for an MRI? this realistically IS the best and about the only good baseline testing way of seeing what simply NEEDS to be seen in your spinal at all. but go at least up above that T spine and start at the c spine and go down into the worst area of your pain and below. that c spine just should be looked at too considering your symptoms. it would either show something too or rule it out? but definitely get at the very LEAST that whole entire thorasic level done. this just has to be checked out first before anything else.

you also really do not know at all here whether or not the chiros adjustments could have made whatever may just be there even worse or better either so that is another reason to get this scanned, and that PT? same thing there too. depending upon just what your real underlying generator just 'is" any PT can also make things worse when no one bothers to look deep enough into a known 'base' of pain and 'forcing' movements, just like with chiro??

just DO get that MRI done first and let the findings determine who your doc should refer you to from there? hopefully this 'constant thing" will just show itself really well upon MRI. but i would really really push your primary here to do this for you at this point, your symptoms simply dictate the "need" here. i wish you luck with this hon and hope this can be done very very soon just so you finally have an answer and KNOW what it is that keeps assaulting you 24/7. please DO keep us posted. Marcia

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