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[QUOTE=maltluver;4325899]>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi, Sue. It sure is nerve wracking waiting for the surgery date. Right now I am scheduled for a myelogram-ct scan to see if I am going to have to have another lumbar surgery (number 7), so I understand your nervousness, believe me.

I'll try to answer your questions as best I can, as far as my personal experiences, but keep in mind that everyone is different and reacts in different ways.

1. Well, I expect it's different for everyone and a lot depends on just what has been done. I didn't feel a lot of pain until I tried to move, lol. And it was pretty intense. However, that was a lot of years ago (1983) and they did things different. With my following surgeries, I didn't find it that bad.

2. No, you will probably be lying flat or slightly elevated.

3. Have to be honest and tell you that getting up the first time is not my idea of a good time. BUT, they give you instructions and if you follow them, the pain should subside very quickly. You will instinctively want to lie back down but don't! Once on the way up, the secret is to pull up as quickly as possibly to a sitting position. Then, after you sit for a few minutes, the nurses will have you take several steps and then back to bed. They'll also instruct you on how best to get into the bed and it really does make it easier

4. You will have help turning from side to side, from back to side, etc the first couple of days. When on your side, ask for a pillow between your legs and one behind your back. You'll be a lot more comfy. When on your back, have someone put a pillow under your knees, that helps, too.

5. Your doctor will advise you not to bend from the waist; instead learn to bend at the knee. Much easier on your back whether you have back problems or not. But certainly, after back surgery it is best to avoid bending from the waist.

6. Some people do, some don't. Hard to say. Again, this will depend on what has to be done during the surgery.

7. Going to the bathroom will be easier if you get a "riser" to make the seat higher. If you can't do that, then hold onto your caretakers arm to help you get up. Dr. will advise when you can have a shower.

8. No, they won't offer the patch or chantix to help with the smoking cessation. Ask your dr. if it will be okay to use the patch or ask him to prescribe Chantix, tho it will be awfully expensive and I doubt that your ins. will pay for it. Kinda stupid since quitting is so beneficial to your health!

Well, I hope this helps answer some of those nagging questions. Feel free to ask more if you have them and please keep posting!


Hi there :wave:,

Well...I had my surgery on Sept 28th....Man was that a tea party!! I thought I wanted to die when I woke up! OMG!! Can u say TORTURE??? WOW!! Then...I had super pain shootin' down my left leg...MRI showed one of the screws were screwed right into the nerve sack. Man did that hurt! So, only 5 days later I had to go back in there and have it taken out, and replaced :(
Then, waking up for a 2nd time really wasnt too bad since I knew how bad it would be. So I was in the hospital til Oct 14th then. Came home and my mother inlaw drove from NY to help since my hubby had to go back to work. My legs kept sweeling up because I couldnt use my walker the right way and had to crotch myself around on it. They got bigger n bigger and I finally went to the ER cuz they hurt soooo bad...they wanted to reamit me. I said No, ONLY because my nurses I had were soooooo bad when I was there. Went back home on a sunday...throught the week they would get bigger and hurt even more to where a sheet rubbing across them would put me through the roof. It was last friday and my nurse was here at my house and she called the doc to tell them the measurements of my legs and that they were even biggerthen the last time she seen me 2 days prier. So they said I must go back in something has got to be wrong and to readmit myself that day. So, I packed my things once again. They did all the same test and a ECHO test. I woke up Oct 30th and looked at my legs and they went down soooo much! I was sooo happy then! I had them leg things on that they put you in after surgey that blow up and work as if ur moving them to act like circulaion is moving as I laid there. Halloween comes...I wanted nothing more then to see my kids go out with daddy even if I couldnt walk with them out in the cold! So they wanted to weigh me and see if I lost weight and if I did I could go home that day! Before surgery I weighed 116 and in the E.R. I weighed 156!!:eek: That day I weighed 142...they let me leave a 3pm on oct 31st! legs are back to normal size I started with!!:D All the swelling is gone everywhere and Im feeling different everyday! There are some things Im worried about... My left foot, when I try to walk and bend my toes, 2 of them get a shocking feel to them, and my hands are numb. First it was my right ring finger only, and now it is both and up to my wrist with the numbness. Feels like I took my hands to the denist and they shot them with novacane. I dont lika that!! So i see my doc next week for post op. Let me know what ya think!! Thanks!

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