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[QUOTE=mickeyluver;4325984]Hi Carol!!

I wasnt exspecting anyone to reply so soon! Thank you so much!!
I hope to be laying flat when I wake up. Seems like it would be better, or maybe not since I wount have to feel the pain to get elevated some. Im so not looking forward to the first time trying to get up or even trying to walk for the 1st time. Ive heard that you kinda feel like a robot or "unhuman"?? I actually have a little wedge type pillow I use every night (and hubby hates it lol) that i put between my knees or under my back kinda if Im laying on my back/side. I cant lay flat for very long anyways. I usually do bend with my knees when Im feeling alot of pain, and Im trying to do it more and get used to it so I will for sure do it after surgery. Im affraid I will bend accidently and it will be unbelievably painful and Ill jerk myself up or something. But maybe being in pain, I will automatically know not to and it wont happen by accident. I am also trying to have my mom get my grandmas potty seat thingy, shower seat and walker that is no longer in use since she is now past on...Im sure she'll laugh seeing me use them after her lol I think my insurence would cover the patch but the chantix is VERY expensive. And that stuff is awful too!! I was in the hospital in Jan for 6 days and I was fine without smoking, and came home and 3 days later I got weak and started up again :(
But I think this will be different for me and knowing I REALLY have to QUIT in order for this fusion to work more effectivly an be a success, cuz I know already I DONT wanna go through this again!!
Ive also heard people have gotten that button thing to push when you are in pain. Which would be great since everytime Ive called for my nurse with the call button it takes forever and then having them get your meds is like a lifetime, and thats not what I wanna deal with at all!! I am going to be a wreck the day before and morning of. My son actually has to have ear surgery the day before as well. They should just keep me there, and have me prepped and ready by 6am!! What are some of the things they do before they take you back? Like I know they do catheter, is that before or when they put you out? Stupid question, but I dred those lil things lol!! I have had many surgerys, including 7 inguinal hernia repairs, 4 laporoscopys, and 2 c-sections, but I dont think any of them compare to this one coming up, and I am exspecting ALOT more things to be different, and WAY more painful. Even though hernia repairs and no cup of tea and extremely painful and wouldnt wish one of those on anyone. Sorry for my long nagging...Thank you for replying!! Oh...and when was your last back surgery?


Hi again, Sue. Well, yes, they will start an IV of course, the anesthesiologist will come and talk with you, surgeon may drop in for a minute. The catheter will be placed after you are asleep (YAY) . Oh, you will have one of those button thingies (lol) to press. It will dispense morphine when you need pain relief.

My last surgery was 3-4 years ago for bone spurs impinging on nerves. I am having the same kind of problem this time I think, but not going to be sure until after the myelogram and ct. With a back like mine, it is had to be sure what is going on. Having strong back pain right across the top of the lumbar area, legs are getting weak, burning in the left posterier thigh, sharp pains in the other words, I'm a mess! Lol. I feel for my poor surgeon who has to sort all this out, hahahaha. He's a wonderful doctor tho, and I have all the faith in the world in him. He's done my last 3 surgeries and I can find nothing to complain about.

Stay in touch Sue and keep me updated and I will do the same. I have my tests on Friday of this week, so I will post something that evening or the next day to let you know what I find out.


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