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It's been nearly three months (12 weeks) since my lami discectomy for a herniated disc L3/L4. I am going back in for a check-up in two days. I still have the severe sciatic pain in my glute, still running down my leg and sharp pain in my toes. I have been on Gabapentine for the last month, not much help or noticable relief. I currently take 2400mg of Advil daily (12 pills).

As some of you may remember if you're following my threads, immediately after I woke-up post operating room, I told the neurosurgeon that I could still feel the sciatic pain, right there. They all said "oh don't worry, that's just swelling. It'll be gone shortly." But... How much shortly??? Three months out, it still lays there, just waiting for me to bend beyond a few extra degrees. It just lays in wait.

I will demand another MRI and insist on a CT too. This is not normal recovery for a 180lb/ 6'4" totally healthy non-smoker. I have been following the post-op directions to the letter.
Stretching, PT, light yoga, prednesone, Advil, Gabapentine, short walks, staying mobile, changing positions, sleeping with pillows elevating the legs... you name it. I have been forward facing on my recovery.
Something is not right. It will have to be faced and addressed.

[I]btw... This it the thread chrono:
For those who are googling, searching or following my other thread titled ([B]one month post op[/B])

Here is where I was at: open [B]discectomy / lami 2 months post op[/B].

I am currently flat on my back, feet elevated with 4 pillows, typing on my iPhone 8 weeks since my laminectomy/discectomy L3/L4. The disc was severely ruptured, I probably waited too long, dreading and procrastinating the eventual surgery. All the while gobbling up Advil and tramadol thinking I could keep on toughing it out. Looks like all I was doing was eventually delaying recovery and creating more serious (potentially permanent) nerve damage.

So... At week 5 I started light PT to open up the facets, begin the mechanical aspect of repair. I actually was able to lay on my stomach for 10 minutes! Something I hadn't done since last April/May. I believe PT has been good. However, I still have the sciatic pain. Its probably anywhere between a 2-8 on the pain scale. I just had a 2 month follow up with my doc who said that at 2 months, it is somewhat a-typical that I still have sch sciatic pain. I take no narcotics or major meds anymore, just Advil & 1 tramadol per day. So, he just put me on Gabapentine for nerve neropathy. It hasn't really helped or hurt thus far. I do t feel anything quite yet but will be increasing my dosage gradually (I guess this is how it is prescribed).

So, that's where I am. I walk 3-4x per day. Take 10-12 200mg advil for swelling per day, can't sit in my office chai for more than 15 minutes without having to either walk or stretch for a bit. I have much better range of motion as a result of pT, still have soreness at the incision area, the sciatic pain still lingers but I am constantly aware of where it's at and manageable. I am still optimistic. It seems lime this is going to take a while to recover.

8 weeks... Tadaa! I hope this helps some of you. I'll check in at three months post op.

Best & happy healing[/I]

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