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yup, so now i'm having second thoughts.

as soon as i made the appt, two weeks ago, things swung around. actually, to the point where i felt better than i've felt in an entire year - for 5 days straight. today, is an exception tho - rt leg hurt while sitting. when i walk, i'm good. the hot/cold feet flashes have subsided. no tingles.

but does this all mean that the core excersizes have taken me another step forward? should i wait? cancel the surgery? i'm at a loss. part of me wants to do this now - knowing the younger i am, the better my recovery will be. what if after another 6 months, excersizing stops the rt buttock burning and hamstring pain? what IF? even still, this will never be 'fixed'. it'll always be there.

i'm not expecting any answers here, i'm just...typing out loud :dizzy: but if anyone has any advice, i'm listening.

again, my fusion surgery is scheduled for 3/11, i have and appt for final question, etc with the surgeon on 3/1 - so i was gonna give myself til then to make my final decision.

I have a couple more thoughts for you, along the same principal of the towel. Try to be mindful at all times of how you sit and stand. Try to sit so your weight is distributed evenly between your "sit bones." I think of this as sitting "squarely." Same with standing. Be sure your feet are pointed straight forward and that the weight is distributed evenly -- you don't want to put more weight on one foot or the other...just as when sitting, do not put more weight on one buttock than the other. Do not cross your legs or ankles. Sit with both feet on the floor. Chances are quite good that you have been compensating for the sciatic pain...and it is important to be aware if you are favoring one side over the other.

Also, I just wanted to mention that I think almost every single spine patient continues to have some degree of "pain" after surgery. I am going in for my one year check-up tomorrow from my 3 level fusion. Since the 4th day I have been what I consider pain-free. But, if the weather is cold and damp, I have some aches. If I bend too many times in one day, my piriformis acts up, etc. and I expect this will probably continue for the rest of my life.

Perhaps some patients have the expectation of being completely free from pain after they heal from surgery...but I think that would be unrealistic.

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