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[QUOTE=themartinfarm;4340358]I was seeing a Chiropracter which did help but after 4 months, not enough... So, a Dr recommended I see a Specialist. The one she recommended specializes in physical medicine & rehabilitation. I have seen him 3 times & not really impressed. He doesn't seem to understand or listen. I have a severe degenerative disk & also arthritis in my disks. Not sure how much or anything because he doesn't explain stuff very well. On my 2nd visit I was telling how my upper back, shoulders & neck hurt. It's doing better now, just sore. Anyhow, it's been over a month total since pain started. He says it has nothing to do with my disk & pretty much blew it off. He acts like since it has nothing to do with the disk, it's prob in my head. I am seeing another Dr which diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I will be seeing a rheumatologist about it. Maybe that's why I'm sore? Anyhow, it's frustrating & think I should see someone who is more understanding. I had an EMG done yesterday which was for numbness in my foot. But that was over am month ago & haven't had probs lately. He doesn't listen...
Anyhow, any advice?
Also, with the disk, I know I need to see a Physical Therapist. I'm trying to catch up on medical bills first... Not just for my back but also for the Chronic Fatigue. Anyhow, this Dr acts like I'll be perfectly normal again. However my Chiropracter, who does listen, has explained that it is for life & will never be normal... I can't imagine my back not hurting. I've dealt with it for so long... Which is it?[/QUOTE]

Hi, again. I am glad your chiro listens to you, but I strongly urge you not to allow any manipulations on your spine until you have been able to see a spine specialist. I think I remember from prior posting that money is tight but until you see someone who can run the proper tests and come up with a complete
diagnosis you just aren't going to make progress.

The same is true of physical therapy. You really shouldn't be doing it unless approved by a spine specialist. Just like the chiro, they can cause more problems if they aren't aware of what is wrong exactly.

You would be doing yourself a favor if you would see a Orthpedic Spine
Specialist or a Neurosurgeon who specializes in the spine. That does not mean you need surgery, but you will be in the hands of someone who really knows how to look at your tests, such as MRI, and find the problem. By seeing so many different kinds of doctors for the same problem, you are only going in circles.

It's quite possible that you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia and a rheumatologist is the right doctor to diagnose that, but not your back. He should be able to tell you which you have, if not both. Fibro does cause muscle soreness all over.

Hope this helps and that you find the right person for your problems. Please keep letting us know how you are doing.


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