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Had xlif 3 days ago; I'm a 58 yr. old female in very good shape (yoga teacher for 20 yrs.) but my sciatica got out of control this past summer and every day it seemed to get worse. I cancelled a back surgery 6 yrs. ago and now I wish I would have gone ahead with it. Anyway, I must say my sciatica is totally gone! I had it down buttocks and down both legs and that pain is gone. The pain of the incision is very minimal, my back pain is tolerable. I had L4-5 fused with hardware. The worst of it is pain in my left thigh due to the psoas muscle being displaced during surgery.
I am truly hoping this will go away and will keep you all informed. I feel good putting weight (standing on left leg) or contracting muscle in thigh) but as far as trying to put pants or socks on...well it's a long process. I have to pick my leg up to get in bed or on the couch. It's very severe pain ...and it feels like nerve pain not muscle pain. I am going to try and see what I can do to help it along. A good stretch of the psoas is to put your heel of injured leg close to groin and stay like that for several breaths and if you can stand it come forward a bit from the hip flexors (crease in between hip and torso).
I had to get this surgery because of severe sciatica and I'm glad I did; just hoping this thing pain goes away in time. Anyone else have this pain after xlif? I know it's common. Did it go away.
Best of luck to all of you pre surgery or post.

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