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Hi everyone-

So today is 5 days post-surgery (had surgery last Wednesday morning, today is Monday after that)

I was able to walk 20 minutes without much discomfort today at a pretty decent speed. Walking and standing does tire me faster than it has ever before, but I am a quick healer and the stitches don't feel as tight anymore, and am sitting today well (for almost 30 minutes at once) with pillows supported and chair lowered so that my feet touch the ground.

My program at my school is very rigorous so I am having a hard time catching up the work. I may return to school tomorrow since my mom is here and can drive me to school and pick me up if it hurts.

I have been functioning well without any pain-meds, but have leftover T3s if needed, and take an occasional tylenol if needed. I am getting my stitches out this Friday (10 days after surgery) and hopefully can shower after that. Right now Im gonna stick to wiping myself with wet towels and just washing my hair.

I am very optimistic about this healing process but am going to try and remind myself to take it easy. (i think the big scar on my back will do that job) My leg pain is GONE but numbness and tingling is still there which is more of a discomfort at this time.

I am glad i had my surgery so soon. I will keep posting here and I hope that everyone else has a smooth recovery like I am having now. I hope that this good luck continues for me!

p.s. I found it quite weird when my doctor and nurse practitioner said I could start walking as far as I wanted ASAP and also can use the stairs as much as I wish and also that I can sit as much as I want, as long as its comfortable. From reading a lot of posts here some people are in bed for 2 weeks straight. Is it perhaps because I am only 20? Just unsure, because at the hospital they made it seem like everyone just walks out of this surgery like I have...

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