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Here is my problem...I got my emg results...and there were two parts to it...First, nerve condoction studies in both lower extremities were normal..
the second part of the test...the electromyography...showed mild, S1, billaterral chronic denervation...

So in conclusion on my report it says ...there are no significant focal neurological deficits, but the electromyograpy confirms the presence of a mild,bilateral S1 Radiculopathy.
My pain is in my Lower back and runs down my left leg.

I had a cat-scan that showed 2 buldging discs...and a herneation at the L5-S1 level

My question is ..can u have cronic denervation with no active denervation?

And why do they say mild cronic denervation when my pain is so intence?

And can you have all this pain with no neurological deficits?

If anyone can help me to try to understand this...thanks,cause my doctor is on vacation for two weeks and he wont be explaining this to me until he gets back. Thanks

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