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Hi Delato: I am very sorry you have been suffering so much. I have had decompression laminectomy on L4-5, March, 1993, as well as neck fusion C5-6, June, 2000. My L4-5 problems started with a disk bulge which caused my low back & legs to lock up. Ended up in ER in agony. This started Aug. 1991.

You did not say what you were diagnosed with, disk bulges, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, etc. If you have two bulging disks (no herniation), they may try physical therapy first. If you have arthritis, they would try things to bring inflammation down, which is what the epidurals were supposed to do. I guess they may try them on a disk bulge. However, your symptoms of severe pain show that you apparently have a pinched nerve somewhere. Do you have pain, numbness or tingling in your hips, leg, buttocks, feet? Does it go to the front of your legs or up the back of your legs? If you can give me additional symptoms, such as burning, aching, or stabbing pain, I could give you a better idea of what will happen next. You may as well try to figure out now how this pain feels and where it is going, as these are questions your doctor will be asking you. Take care and I await further information from you to answer you better, PatG

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