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Re: Missy
May 23, 2002

First, don't apologize for the questions. I don't mind at all. First, I am 36 years old. I am in good health other than my back problems. I am seeing a pain management doctor right now, but I was seeing a neuro. He discharged me from his care because he said there is no surgery to help me. I went to PM for LESI. They had great hope that they would help and they didn't!

As far as how I was injured, I have no clue. It just happened. It started out with a backache and progressed to the point that I couldn't walk within a week's time. The surgeries I've had are a microdiscectomy and a laminectomy at L5/S1. The second surgery was supposedly for a re-herniated disc and when they cut me open, they found out it was only a massive amount of scar tissue. They removed scar tissue and took out some bone trying to make the situation better. It made it worse, if anything.

Pain management did PT and LESI initially, but now only perscribes my meds. Right now I am taking Neurontin, Flexeril, Soma, Percocet, Kadian, and Motrin. I don't take the Motrin much because it upsets my stomach and doesn't have any noticable benefit. Same with the Flexeril and Soma -- I have an appt. today and am going to ask if I can reduce or get rid of them. I notice no benefit to taking them. I'm just more drugged feeling.

My symptoms are pain in the lower back and along the path of the sciatic nerve in mostly my left leg but also my right at times. I have tingling and all kinds of other weird nerve sensations. I describe it like their are ants running up and down my leg or water dripping down it. It frequently feels like I am walking on glass. I have also developed pain in my neck shoulders and arms. They have said this is carpal tunnel syndrome and I have wrist splints to wear. They have decreased the pain in my hands and lower arms, but not my upper arms and neck. I have just this week started to notice tingling in my face and somtimes a slight numbness in my lips. Interesting...

Why they can't help me, I don't know!! As far as coming to Wisconsin -- give me your address! LOL I am just kidding, of course. I would love to find a doctor that could give me hope. My HMO will not let me go out of my network for treatment unless I can prove that their is a treatment I need that is not offered within the network. That's kind of a catch 22 situation. If I can't go out of network to talk to doctors, how can I find out if such a treatment exists. All they tell me in my current situation is that I have "post-laminectomy syndrome" which means there is scar tissue compressing the nerve and it resulted from the previous surgeries. So, I am in about the same condition as I was before the surgery thing started two years ago.

So for now, I search the I-net for names of treatments and talk on boards to look for hope. I figure if I at least can an idea of what is being done for others in similar situations, then I will know what I am looking for anyway. I've asked the doctors on spine universe a question about my condition and they say that I need a good neuro eval because scar tissue should not cause the type of pain I am having. On the other hand, my doctor says that scar tissue most definitely causes this type of pain. Who knows?!?! I am weary from the fight and the pain and go through phases of giving up and then all of the sudden I feel like I can fight again.

Thank you for your concern. You have a lot on your mind right now, with your surgery coming up. It is so sweet of you to care about me. Your care and compassion for others, not just me reaches across the miles. Wouldn't it be great to be right next door to commiserate! But, this will have to do! Take care!!


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