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You are not being patient enough. You just had the procedure done May 16th??? It is only May 22nd. I had hemi-laminotomy, microdisectomy (emergency surgery required due to cauda equina) and I just reached my 3rd month of recovery on the 14th of this month and although I feel like a "new woman" overall, things still are rough and living with some sort of pain is completely normal. Take your meds and RELAX. You shouldn't be doing much of anything right now except recouperating. Even now 3 months later I don't do certain things I use to before surgery. It just isn't worth it to risk reinjuring yourself. You have to take a long hard look at things when you have surgery and change the way you were living and start living a different sort of life. My life now with back pain is so much better since surgery and gaining strength everyday. You will have your good and bad days. That is all norm. Just be patient with yourself is the best advice I can give. Good luck in your recovery
My husband is the same...
He thinks that after only 2 weeks of recovery that I should be up and running.
Well - he wasn't the one up there being cut on and I don't want to go through it again if I can help it.

I had microdisectomy on L4-5 May 7th...

I realize he gets tired of having to do for me but look at all the years I did for him.
I refuse to pick up a lundry basket, garbage or anything heavy. If it is right there in front of me and I don't have to reachor bend then I will do what I can to help and that is all until I am recovered.

Until then he will just have to deal with it on his own.

By the right leg is still bothering me and I can't keep it from aching. My doc called me in cortizone pills and I took my last one 2 days ago. My leg still continues to aches. I am still taking vicodin.
I am trying to decide if I should call Doc again or wait another week to see how it feels.
Right now it is keepingme up at night and it actually feels better to get up but then I was told sitting isn't all that great for me either...
I have been walking as much as possible. Any other suggestions?


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