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Feel Brand New
May 8, 2002
Hi Everyone!
It seems everyone is down today! I was over at another site and it was very down. Also over here.

I feel like I am making progress in spite of the fact that the cessation of the Zonegran has left my left leg in more neuropathic pain. I am also getting neuropathic pain in the right leg and it aches from where they took the bone chips. I am a bit nervous that the pain will progress, as the PM Doc said it more than likely will, depending on how far I can walk and get the muscles going. Hopefully they will have approved the Actiq pops by then.

However, yesterday I went out and got the nails and feet done, came home, walked around the yard (3/4 acre) and then walked to the corner, about 200 feet. It felt great to just get pampered.

I have found that just to get out does me a whole world of good, and doing something small daily keeps my mind occupied. I also take one small nap per day, before I get tired and that also helps. I read, watch TV, and have even invested in a gardening stoll, so I do not have to bend, and I can do a spot of gardening.

My daughter has a softball game today, she is on the Varsity team, and I am planning to go watch for a bit, maybe 30-40 minutes. I will more than likely do most of my walking there, because it is quite a walk to get out to the field. I will bring the cane to lean on. Normally I take my walks without the cane, but on uneven ground I have found it to be an asset. I wear the Aspen Brace ALL the time when I am on my feet, although the Ortho told me that I can take small periods without it so the back does not become dependent on it. I also have a basic white brace that I wear, but it is hot, so I leave it at home a lot.

Now I am just looking forward to my next appointment with the Ortho, and am hoping he can give me good news. My next step is to try, at 12 weeks, to drop the Duragesic a few mcgs, as this was the original plan and reason why I had the surgery to begin with. Hopefully by then this neuropathic pain will have passed. I have noticed, the more I walk, the lss pain I have.

The naps help a lot, and also I just do not push it.
However, I am letting my brain dictate to my body. Before I get tired I lay down. That way I am not allowing the body to take control. It really works.

Hope you all have a pain free day!


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