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Hi Pat,
Sounds like we could write a novel if we could sit long enough, ha! Yes, I did mean to say bone spurs. Doc says the only thing you can do for those is cut them out. He said he could do that IF I have the fusion. He said he would go in from the front and could use donor bone. I guess it's up to the patient if they want donor or their own bone. Was your fusion done from the front or back?

I had had back trouble for years and had seen neurologists. They always said it was just muscle spasms and I was young and there was no problem. I kept having various symptoms and my family doc said I had Fibromyalgia. I kept going to him and telling him my entire body was hurting and he kept saying Fibromyalgia or stress. I think he just thought I was a post menopausal, neurotic female! Finally, the pain shot down my left leg and you know the rest of the story! I had laminectomy in July of 97. I woke up in agony with my legs burning and my whole body in pain. I thought they had cancelled the surgery. I had a terrible time of recovery. Was in bed for 6 months unable to walk, sit or do any of the stuff they tell you you should be doing after surgery. I began to see different neurosurgeons, a total of 5. Could get no answers. I kept telling all of them my ENTIRE body hurt. My head, my chest, my upper back. A MRI was done of my thoracic spine which revealed the large buldge at T11-12. But every doc kept telling me there was nothing else wrong with my spine. I was having severe headaches which they attributed to migraines. Gave me migraine meds. Said the rest of my body pain was of course, Firbromyalgia. Finally, I saw a chiropractor (I figured I didn't have anything to lose). He adjusted my head and all my spasms (upper back and head) subsided. I couldn't believe it. He said I had a rotated vertebrae. I was so angry at every doc I had seen in the last 4 years. Unfortunately, on Jan. 2 of this year, I was on my way to my chiropractor when a guy ran a stop sign and hit me at 45 mph. My car spun out of control and bottomed out through a big ditch and slide into a cornfield where I slide across all the rows. My car did alot of bouncing up and down. I thought I was ok, and was really only concerned about my low back. But then my neck started hurting worse. Went to my doc and he did an MRI which revealed the 3 bone spurs, 2 budlges and 2 herniated discs. So, alot was there before the accident (evidently the chiropractor was wrong too no rotated vertebrae), but the accident finished it off.

For about 2 months my whole body was like ice. My legs were both numb, my whole face was numb, even my tongue. Alot of numbness in my right arm, but both arms get really cold. I couldn't walk straight or see straight. My eyes, inner ears, arms, everything hurt as I'm sure you know. I have seen improvement in the numbness and the coldness. My left leg continues to be numb and gets really cold if I try to sit. My left side was the worst though before I had my back surgery and I have always had sciatic nerve pain there. I have the pressure in my face like you described and pain in my head and face worse on the right side. My whole upper back is in spasms and around in the front. I DO have the pain around the mid section like you described. It feels like I have a tight strap around my mid back and chest. Hard to inhale a deep breathe. My collar bones also hurt bad. A big problem I have now is that I can't lay down. When I do everything spases worse and the pain in my head becomes unbearable. When I do go to bed I'm like you, I lay straight and I have to lay face down since the wreck. I am concerned about sitting all day because of my back. Like you. Are you able to lay on your back? Did you have trouble lying down before you had the neck fusion. How did they do your fusion? How was your pain immediately after and how was your recovery time?

I understand your depression. I have been fighting it since 4-97. I was so excited after the chiropractor helped my upper body. It only lasted about 4 weeks til the accident and that was devastating.

How are you making it through your days? Do you have to stay home all the time? Are you able to do any hobbies at all? Are you able to get any sleep? I know I just dumped alot on you. Dump back when you fell like sitting!

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