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Hi Kimo, EMT Shirl & Husker,

All three of you have been extremely helpful to me, so thank you very much
It is so good to be able to talk to people in the same situations, rather than to just read up on the internet sites. This board is great
I had the discogram done on four levels late Friday, so I am still pretty sore from the procedure, so I will stay out of work today, something I never do !

Another question if you don't mind; have any of you also had the leaking fluid from the disc's ?
I assume something has to be done soon to address that problem, because as the doctor explained it is bone on bone, and it seems to me that this is causing further damage.
I was also told I might be a candidate for nucleoplasty, it sounds like the IDET somewhat.
I am going to demand that they treat at least the two worst levels, and see how the pain is after whatever procedure I can have done.
At this point, I am ready to try anything.

I have had 14 blocks in the last two years (epidrals, selective, SI's, facets)as well as the radio-frequency ablation, to no avail.
I've also had three MRI's, but Friday was the first discogram and cat scan.
I wish I knew enough to demand the discogram two years ago, as the other stuff was all a waste.
Yes, it is very painful, but it also shows a clearer picture of what is going on.


Please keep us informed of how you make out with your next MRI. Sorry to hear we are in the same boat !

EMT Shirl,

I'm with you, I'm willing to try anything, it sounds to me like you have been put through the ringer.
Was your fusion due to a herniation ? or did he perform it for the bulge, DDD & stenosis?


I'm sorry to hear that you are now worse off, I know the feeling, as the same happened to me with the RF.
Did the cough totally ruin the healing process ? or is there still hope for your recovery ?
Also what did your report say (symptoms) prior to the IDET, did you have herniations, bulges, or tears ?

Again you have been so helpful to me and it's great speaking to you all.
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to e-mail our doctor's with our questions ? That way we could read their answers in writing, rather than to be told something different each time we see them ?

One last thing, has anyone ever heard of a procedure called (SED) selective endoscopic discectomy ?
Last year there was a user named (dmayn) posting about this procedure (dealing with annular tears), I did a search on her postings, she said she would follow up on her progress, but then the postings ended.
She was going to use Dr Anthony Yeung in Phoenix, Arizona. (too far for me to travel though)

I hope everyone has a better day today !

Thank You,

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