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Re: Thorasic Update
Mar 25, 2002
Hey Sparrow,

The answer to all of your questions is yes. The Thorasic spine controls all of the nerves that control the brain impluses to the chest and lower organs. Many thorasic spine problems exhibit themselves with pain in the chest, stomach and liver. The feeling of having a belt wrapped around you and squeezing is not unusual. The Thorasic can even present pains down the back into legs and feet. The upper thorasic even controls the palms and lower three fingers of each hand. Being that the Thorasic area is so protected by the ribs it is difficult to damage but, when damage does occur it rarely can be helped with physical therapy. Normally it is a live with it condition unless you have the right surgeon and are stout of heart(very brave). Surgery is dangerous and needs a superman to perform it. I was lucky and found such a Surgeon. Most surgeons will scare you to death about Thorasic surgery and they are right. But, when you condition continues to get worse instead of better then you are left with little choice.

Thorasic information is hard to come by. The reason is the lack of the medical community to address the issue. I find when there are many answers information abounds. When there are few answers information is unavailable. What always surprises me is the doctors who scare us that this surgery is so dangerous are the very ones who have never performed one.

keep in touch,


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