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hi lamahan,
i had the disogram about 9 years ago. in fact i had two of them, the first one was awful. i mean awful. i cried the whole time, you are awake and you can see the needle go in your neck to the spine, i had neck surgery and fused 2 disc. and honey i tell you wish i had lived the the pain i had because now i have server headaches, so i had another disogram, this time a differnet guy did it i did fine with it, but it did show that the stress of the fusion had blown the dics above it and thats was causin the headahces. i woke up form th surgery and the first thing i was cryin about was the headache, they havn't stopped since, i have a heard time turinin my neck and lookin up and down. i also live in texas,now they want to do more surgery and fuse two more that will make me five, my c6-7 colasped, so they would fix that one, but i don't want to do it again, i still have the pain i had to begin with, shoulder all the way thur my chest and down my arm and hand, fingers my arm and hand goes numb. i wish every day i could go back, so if you can live with the pain you have i would do it, cause once you have the surgery there is no turin back, some people do real good, others don't i guess i was one of those people, i wish you luck and pray that we all get some relif from this pain, i hate it, can't sleep can't get out and do the things i like, to do. i try on good days but then i pay for it that day before its over with, Donna S

Donna S
Donna S,

I may have to go through the disogram. Can you tell me anything and everything about this? What will it do and what is it for? Is it just a test? etc etc.........


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