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For starters you can read my post to Saphire reading treatment options for a herniated disc. Is there a scheduled date for surgery? Surgery is the last resort
for a disc herniation as there is other options.Her best option also could be a microdisectomy as it is minimal invasive procedure with a small incision. A laminectomy would provide considerable relief as it is a procedure that takes pressure off of the sciatic nerve root. Minimal recovery after surgery is 10-12 weeks and to feel strong with minimal back pain is usually 9-12 months with exercise. Exercise is ongoing after months and years after surgery to keep the back muscles strong or the back will weaken and cause discomfort. Recovery is slow and improvement can be felt on a weekly basis and the recovery time can not be rushed or else the back will react in a painful flare up and with possible leg pain.To think the individual after back surgery will be very active and doing housework after 1 month is wishful thinking the recovery healing process is slow and it depends alot on the individuals physical and mental health.

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