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You're not the only young ones on here. I just turned 30 in May, and I've been dealing with back pain since I turned 21. At first it was just lower back pain, severe muscle spasms. Then in 1998, the pain started going down my leg and increased to nearly pass-out levels. I do have very mild scoliosis in my upper back, and that's what the docs kept saying it was-just my scoliosis making me hurt so much. I said Bull***t, scoliosis in your UPPER back, especially being so very mild, wouldn't cause excruciating pain to radiate through my butt and right hip all the way down my right leg into my ankle!!! Well, 4 years and two more flare ups later they FINALLY do an MRI and lo and behold, I have a herniated disk at L4-L5.

I should be a freaking doctor myself, I could have TOLD them that's what it was based on my own research! I haven't had surgery, but I've had PT and one ESI. The ESI seemed to help the last time. I'm hoping to avoid surgery if I can.

I feel the same way you guys do. It's scary to be barely 30, and wondering what the next few years might bring as far as pain and/or disability. I'm also having to question whether or not I want to attempt to have any children. I know too well what it feels like when it flares up normally, I just shudder to think what it would be like if I were pregnant, or in the delivery room!!! I worry about the pain, will it make things even worse? Will it force me into surgery? Ugh, that scares me. And I need to make a decision relatively soon...I'm 30, and the clock is ticking. Good thing MY clock isn't ticking too loud...that might make it easier if I decide not to have any.

I still haven't figured it out yet.

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