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Hi there!

Finally found someone with scoliosis, and 2 at that!
Where exactly do you two have your curve?
I have double scoliosis, one in the thoracic (convex to left and ending at T9), one in the lumbar and a neck tilt to the right. Was diagnosed by a chiro when I was a teenager, though looking back I probably had it when I was a lot younger. (Always thought the clothes I got were badly made when it was me that was!)
As for the chiropractor, treatment for it made it a lot worse. Physio didn't help, it might have for someone with a straight back but for me it just aggravated it. Sitting is hard, lying down (to start with) is sore and lying on the stomach is impossible, and I don't even bend backwards anymore.
As for the rib pain, I get that too, but mainly on the right side. With thoracic scoliosis the ribs on one side are stretched while those on the opposite are compressed, both can cause pain. The body's muscles will also be uneven in strength and size, as the curve requires the muscles to compensate to retain balance. For me that means the left shoulder, right hip/back and left leg muscles are tighter and stronger than their counterparts. Some stretches in the opposite direction to the curve can be good, and also a little weight training. Apart from that, not staying in one position for too long helps. Also walking. Basically do any movements within reason...if it hurts just stop and give that area a rest for a bit. Keeping warm helped me, being cold was pretty miserable. Massage helped a bit too.
I've had the nuclear bone scan...normal(except for the curves that is ) , dexa scan is 80% of my age/weight/match. That's another thing...scoliosis is almost always linked to low bone mineral density, (which comes first is chicken and egg), so check your calcium intake (also other minerals/vitamins like magnesium, Vit.C, B's, K, D etc).
For me, I've found that not upsetting the scolliosis by trying to treat it is the best move. And I know its probably the last thing I wanted to hear ( and probably you too) but just trying to be as healthy and fit as you can, may be the best thing to do. If you find something better please let me know!!

I've never talked to anyone with scoliosis before, and there's so much I want to ask you was yours idiopathic, accident related or surgery related, or congenital (wedged vertebrae etc)? Do you have the most pain in the spine or in the overworked muscles? Do you get more breathless in exercise than the average person, less flexible? Do you find that vertical impact (like jumping up and down or going over bumps in the car) causes pain or nausea/headaches?
I guess the most annoying thing about it that I have found is that the medical profession continue to think that scoliosis doesn't cause any pain....which is a load of rubbish!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes, Sparrow

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